My Perfumes Badr

My Perfumes Badr Eau de Parfum 35 ml

My Perfumes Badr

Eau de Parfum 35 ml
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The floral embrace of the delicate orange flowers flowing into the heady smoothness of tuberosis passes through the gently bitter bergamot to the velvety roses.

Delicious tangerines are warmed by a few drops of honey, releasing their juiciness into a creamy echo of woody plants, especially the softness of sandalwood. In the warm line, we continue into the vanilla tonka and the sensual touches of musk, which dissolves into a colorful flood of intoxicating frees, tenderly prosecuted by floral notes of lilac from a pleasantly showing velvety heliotrope.

The finish turns into citrus fruits, which are laid on white flowers, giving the impression of soap purity.

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Customer Reviews (4)
I can't give it to me either and I'll express myself. My perfumes badr I ignored because it's not oil. Ever since I registered that there are oils, I've been frying on them. And it was a mistake. Beautifully mixed and delicate scent with a soapy touch is just that. Endure especially on the hair is surprising. And you don't have it. I'll wait. ;-) Thank you (18.09.2020 - Dominika J.)
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If you knew Tendre Poison and you miss him, Badr will cause you a strong story. I perceive it as a honey-floral scent with a light woody base, it doesn't affect me so much. But what about the nose, the opinion :-). The composition is lightened by subtle citrus and made special by plum. As Andrea writes, the scent is intoxicating, but not as much as the aforementioned TP. And that's nice, because therefore Badr looks a bit more civil ... I always saved TP for more festive occasions, I wouldn't hesitate to use Badr whenever I'm in the mood for him (18.05.2020 - Petra P.)
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Beautiful day of nice lady ... Thank you very much for another fragrant package. MY PERFUMES BADR is another soap delight, I really love those soap perfumes ... Thanks to you, I found myself in this and I feel beautiful every day. that you are and I look forward to perfumed ... (28.1.2020 - Aja J.)
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Review: Very nice to me this perfume I surprised a fan of light floral scents.This perfume is distinctive but at the same time full of dominance and femininity. Price is a nice surprise. The bottle is beautiful and does not take up space in the purse. The smell holds all day long which is a big plus for dynamic busy ladies like me. Unfortunately, his fragrance is so intoxicating that my two daughters 9,11 years of age also use it. Thank you for this apt choice I recommend to ladies who want to be interested in their surroundings in the room. (12/19/2019 - Andrea S.)
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