Makkaj Meraj

Makkaj Meraj Concentrated Perfume Oil 12 ml

Makkaj Meraj

Concentrated Perfume Oil 12 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Belongs to: Woody, Intense, Floral, Oud fragrances

The woody interplay full of oud oil reveals the changes of oriental perfume, which begins with deeply intense tones that hide the depths of the oud. Into the grandeur of the oud, the gentle touches of a smooth ambergris enter the fragrance into a pleasantly sounding soft echo.

A sensual rose emerges from the floral chords, whose velvet aria is complemented by an earthy herbal patchouli with several tones of spice, dominated by bittersweet saffron.

Meraj has a pocket packaging (12 ml CPO) in a bottle with a ball for easy application.

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