Louis Cardin Vibrant Noir

Louis Cardin Vibrant Noir Eau de Parfum 95 ml

Louis Cardin Vibrant Noir

Eau de Parfum 95 ml
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The elegant design of Vibrant bottles, of which Noir is designed for men and Blanc conceals a feminine fragrance. White and black, like day and night, like man and woman, smells that attract each other, smells that complement each other.

Delightful tones of dark red, going black - the unique Barkarole roses, in conjunction with spicy nutmeg and white pepper, is a stunning introduction to the scent.

We continue into a deliciously spicy wave, where it begins with its dry cocoa notes. Cardamom with cinnamon and delicately sharp chili are added, whose sharpness is rounded off by vanilla caress and a dense honeycomb.

The deep keys are echoed with the help of herbal-spiced patchouli interconnected with lame cognac, black truffles and sweet pink rosewood.

With a gentle line of gentle crispness, white musk is added, and the tonka chords grow stronger, along with the captivating nuances of peaches.

The aroma is very seductive and intoxicating, its richness and variety of ingredients bind you with its untamed sensuality.

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Customer Reviews (1)
I know everyone likes something else, but .... VIBRANT NOIR men's perfume - for an active, sporty man, for everyday everyday wear ... smells really amazing .. that's the absolute top I smelled and felt on a man , but also others from Louis Cardin are good .. (29.9.2018 - Jana B.)
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