Arabian Oud Lamsa

Arabian Oud Lamsa Concentrated Perfume Oil 18 ml

Arabian Oud Lamsa

Concentrated Perfume Oil 18 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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A touch of stellar craving in the form of an incredibly variable scent, is hidden in a silvery shimmering flacon on a long stem.

Fruity floral lure opens her arms with tones of cherries dusted with sweetness vanilla. The softness and purity of the white musk allow a rose with a soft, sweet mimosa to dream. The intoxicating veil of gardenia along with fresh orange opens another of the perfume changes. The orange blossoms with lily of the valley apply lightly to their part of the seductiveness, and only a gentle breeze blows light refreshment from mint.

The gentle yet very seductive scent of a woman is Lamsa. In the oil version, the fragrance is more intense and fuller.

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