Khalis Qalbi Lak

Khalis Qalbi Lak Deo Spray 200 ml

Khalis Qalbi Lak

Deo Spray 200 ml
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Seductively irritating, as delicious chocolate in conjunction with vanilla and precious trees can be - so is Qalbi Lak.

The delightful lure of dark-milk chocolate, whose tones alternate, from cocoa-rich dry gourmet bitter to the creamy milky sweetness of white chocolate, which slowly extends into all corners of the perfume with the erotic scent of dense vanilla.

Oud essential oil is in a state of breathtaking, its intensity is sweetly sweet, with subtle nuances in honeycombs, which provide a successful guajac wood with its warm spiced note and soft sandalwood.

The precious balsam of Copahu trees growing in Brazil will support a gentle oriental line that, in conjunction with saffron, turns its spicy line to a softly flickering rose.

At the end, chocolate reappears, this time as a truffle, leaving no doubt about the power of sensuality that lends this perfume.

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