Khalis Oud Mumtaz

Khalis Oud Mumtaz Eau de Parfum 80 ml

Khalis Oud Mumtaz

Eau de Parfum 80 ml
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Warm spilling spice, plays an oriental concert of tones hidden in the seductively carrying Oud Mumtaz.

The spicy aria begins in the gourmet tones of vanilla and cinnamon, followed by cloves and cardamom, to which is also added a rare saffron.

After the spicy introduction, there is a fruit chord that takes us into the delicious forest fruit, the sweet, wildly growing blackberries with blueberries.

The tones of delicate orange flowers and intoxicating roses show the interconnection with the Laos oud oil, whose mystery is further enhanced by a velvet bed of honey ambergris and earthy herbal echoes of patchouli.

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A warm greeting to the fragrant magical kingdom, thousands of thanks for your kindness, willingness and gifts. I am bravely sniffing a lot of formulas I have tried to test and one is more beautiful than the other. Fortunately, I am so spoiled that I do not have to have all the scents. Unfortunately, they just can't do without five of them !!! I loved Oud Mumtaz from the first moment! Oud has been casting on me from the very beginning, but it is neither dominant nor disturbing, it is wonderfully cuddly and sensual at the same time. Clove, cardamom and cinnamon can not be overlooked, accompanied by Oud throughout the fragrance and it is endless ... Blackberries are almost honey sweet and juicy. Saffron underscores the charm of perfume and gives it a touch of luxury. Ambra with vanilla ... it's incredibly beautiful, alluring and seductive magic ... I just have to have this adorable perfume, maybe my friend won't entertain him, it's the perfect unisex. Price absolutely incredibly low for such a successful perfume !!! (5/10/2018 - Lenka S.)
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