Khadlaj Saahir Gold

Khadlaj Saahir Gold Concentrated Perfume Oil 18 ml

Khadlaj Saahir Gold

Concentrated Perfume Oil 18 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Belongs to: Intense, Floral, Fruity fragrances

Melons of all scents and colors put together in a gourmet concert tempt you to the undertones of pineapple, papaya, sweetness, juiciness or mild bitterness and all this into a magnificent, delicious cocktail.

The peculiar connection of the delicate icy, proudly bearing lily of the valley with the red ripe, heady scented raspberry is a symptom of the untamed perfume.

Succumb to the unique scent that attracts its opposites.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Khadlaj Saahir Gold - all kinds of melons with the addition of iced lilies of the valley, ripe and sweet-smelling raspberries, is a perfume with a beautiful bottle and content with a supernaturally beautiful fragrance, Mrs. Lenko, a great compliment for such a wonderful fragrance Miloslava P.)
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KHADLAJ SAAHIR GOLD-perfume, which after the first smell of smell of watermelon, then add a pineapple with a drop of floral essence.After closing your eyes suddenly transfer to an exotic island full of fruit while singing exotic parrots .... (10.2.2018 - Veronika H .)
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