Khadlaj Rasmi

Khadlaj Rasmi Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Khadlaj Rasmi

Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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The velvety-spun, softly powdered scent of rose and creamy wood opens the earthy, damp scent of mosses and vetiver.

The nostalgic memory hidden behind the carnation chords resonates with the honey echo of the majestic ambergris and the straw outline of the irises, resting on a large dose of saffron with its oriental charm.

Oud essential oil in an interesting connection with the juiciness of oranges, plays its game smoothly and sweetly thanks to the dust vanilla, whose mutual tones end perfume.

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Khadlaj Rasmi (sometimes referred to as Atyaab Rasmi brand Khadlaj) - begins as a rookie 1872 from Clive Christian ie citrus, bergamot and roses, when after a while, a small but distinctive carnations and behind them the juicy earthquake Laitek Mai pushes from Yasu. Very hilarious unisex scent, when we long for a fresh breeze. Have a nice day and thank you for a beautiful smell (10.11.2019 - Sylva F.)
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