Nabeel Mukhallat Shyookhi

Nabeel Mukhallat Shyookhi Air Freshener 300 ml

Nabeel Mukhallat Shyookhi

Air Freshener 300 ml
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Belongs to: Woody, Spicy, Floral fragrances

The richly oriental fragrance of the air freshener carries a rounded-flowing scent of warm, spicy tones that gently intersect with animal skin. The floral wave is ensured by white flowers with a beautifully set rose and herb sage. The whole refreshment of the space is in a hint of orientally woody, with a floral base.

Oriental air fresheners are very pleasant and delicate scents that you can use throughout the apartment, but also in the interior of the car. If you spray the air freshener in the room where you have a carpet or sofa - the scent will adhere to them and for a very long time pleasantly scent the whole space. Shake the spray well before application.

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