Khadlaj Atifa

Khadlaj Atifa Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml

Khadlaj Atifa

Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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The charming, sweetish lemon scent of geraniums will immediately stroke you and invite you to explore further.

The softness and softness of the woods, led by cedar releasing its echoes into oriental tones, coupled with the warmly spiced patchouli and the lightweight added oud oil, shows deeper and more seductive tones.

We continue into the floral embraces dominated by the herbal aroma of linden blossom, which blends with aromatic sage and cool lavender.

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Customer Reviews (1)
Khadlaj Atifa: after application it sounds cool to me like mint, but it soon changes and remains a wonderful delicate herbal scent to deliver a tremendously fast delivery with handwritten thanks. For me, first of all, a beautiful fragrance and second, the shop No1. Thank you (26.2.2018 - Jana S.)
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