Asgharali Raneen

Asgharali Raneen Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Asgharali Raneen

Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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The sweetly intoxicating game of charm opens its nooks with a fruity seduction dominated by the deliciously gourmet, red fruit. Let yourself be enchanted by ripe cherries with strawberry raspberry mousse, pineapple gourmet chords and a slightly bitter key hidden in bergamot essential oil.

The fruit score is slightly replaced by flowers. Gentle flowers are dominated by sambac jasmine petals, accompanied by a charming, intoxicating sound of tuberose, whose undertones hide several touches of peaches.

Woody tones show a softly creamy cedar with which the patchouli's earthy reflections play.

The conclusion is devoted to a sweetly oriental undertone, which is created by combining gourmet vanilla melting in the honey heat of the velvet ambergris.

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There were three judges at the birth of Raneen: one said it would be floral perfume, another declared it chypre, and the third attributed him gourmet tones (at least that's what the Asgharali website says). To my nose the fragrance seems fruity floral with a hint of chypre. The first impression is created by an unusual blend of chamomile tea and quality Earl Gray with bergamot essential oil. Both drinks are sweetened with acacia honey and swim in pieces of pineapple. Add to this a glass of champagne with a strawberry and you have an initial scent. When you stop asking if the creators meant it, you begin to perceive flowers. Jasmine, rose and tuberose are most recognizable with their typical strawberry undertones. Tea-fruit-flower phase I like the most and also lasts the longest. The floral heart is probably tinged with a bit of vanilla because it looks velvety smooth. The partner at this stage noted that Raneen was "pulling him up". It is no coincidence that the judges have provided her with a beautiful flacon with a mandala symbolizing harmony. The chypre character of the fragrance mentioned by the manufacturer will be apparent only at the very end, with a soft cypress-woody base. Though Raneen is subtle, she is an Arab. If you want to love it, you have to leave the perfume tracks that were driven for European noses. If you succeed, it will take you to the perfume sky. (9/18/2019 - Petra P.)
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