Arabisk Oud Dehn Oud Abyad

Arabisk Oud Dehn Oud Abyad Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml

Arabisk Oud Dehn Oud Abyad

Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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The fresh sweetness of the tangerine intoxication, complemented by the juicy oranges, opens a delicious concert and gently lets in a creamy vanilla, the smoothness of which binds the fruit.

In the gourmet wave we continue to whipped cream, which is easily rocked by coconut shavings decorated with dark chocolate.

Floral chords will sound the queen of flowers in conjunction with the opulent gardenia. The fullness of the roses and the sweet tones of gardenias resonate with the onset of oud oil whose depths are very seductive.

To the woody echo is added the warmth of the velvet-wrapped ambergris, and in the final parade he again shows his gourmet key vanilla, this time in conjunction with the sensual musk.

CPO perfume is more creamy, the softness and tenderness of the musk with vanilla is more intense. The bottle is closed by a plug, inside the box is a roll-on, which you put on the bottle for the first time.

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Customer Reviews (1)
Beautiful fragrant day everyone in Anabis, how I liked Arabisk Oud Dehn Oud Abyad perfume oil ... I would describe this beauty as follows: intoxicating, charming, very sensual, strong, I dare to say aphrodisiacal, sexy fragrance for confident women who are not afraid wear it. At first, she huddles in an inconspicuous coat, a simple flacon, but the first smell clearly tells her how sophisticated she is. I feel a heady, ambergris, along with ripe citrus, a vanilla with an aroma of orient and spice. So he peeks at me throughout the day. Simply sweet just right, musky, exciting scent. It lasts incredibly long, I can feel it the next day. I have a few favorites among your fragrances, but this is number one on the whole line. Given that she is strong and sweet, I waited for him to "look" on hot, summer days. She surprised me by the fact that it can be worn all year round. Have a nice day, your loyal and satisfied customer (8/8/2019 - Jana Č.)
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