Arabian Oud Almas

Arabian Oud Almas Concentrated Perfume Oil 24 ml

Arabian Oud Almas

Concentrated Perfume Oil 24 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Airy, light - and yet very sensually seductive is Almas.

The touch of tropical fruit with shimmering lotus petals, blending its fragility with the water surface, opens up a luxurious scent.

Fresh citrus wool is added to combine its juiciness with aromatic rosemary. We float into the smooth scent of rosebuds full of buds that show only a hint of their later satiety.

The tenderness of the fruity undertones of Bulgarian roses is enhanced by the addition of a few chords of lemon grass. The fleeting impression of spicy spicy appears with cloves and rare saffron, which is replaced by soapiness of green patchouli tones.

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