Al Rehab Rabea Elomer

Al Rehab Rabea Elomer Eau de Parfum 35 ml

Al Rehab Rabea Elomer

Eau de Parfum 35 ml
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Eau de Parfum Sample 1 ml
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The delicately seductive beauty of violet flowers with the citrus line of bitter bergamot opens gently fresh touches that flow through the entire fragrant concert of Rabe Elomer, in a magnificent, silver-blue flacon.

The honey touch of graceful freesias of all colors will enrich the composition with juicy delicious mandarins with additional floral chords.

Slightly sweet mimosa in a sparkling design of playful freshness into its yellowish groves permits creamy woods with a hint of several notes of oud oil, whose strength is bound by the softness of the sensual musk.

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