Al Haramain Junoon Noir

Al Haramain Junoon Noir Eau de Parfum 75 ml

Al Haramain Junoon Noir

Eau de Parfum 75 ml
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Junoon Noir is another fragrance from the magnificent line of Junoon - Noir is velvety, Noir is warm, Noir is full of passion.

The introduction is a special combination of exotic, sweet juicy Kumquat fruit and sour lime. The luxurious Orris Absolute with its powdery wood key melts into the gourmet tones of fruit, where the iris enchants with its variability and sophistication.

The unique composition is played by delicate small flowers of elegance flowing violets with gentle chords of orange flowers, which slowly winds the icy beauty of lilies of the valley.

Accept invitations to soft-sounding sandalwood and cedar wood in harmony with deliciously whipped vanilla.

Vanilla shows its creamy undertones, which vibrate directly with the musky tenderness of musk. The aroma is a delicate combination of luxury and sensuality.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Junnon Noir - a beautiful pulsating, warm, smooth, medium-sweet fragrance with great stamina and intensity, going into space. Often the neighborhood asks me what a wonderful smell it is. She did just like her predecessor Junnon - it is different, but the stamina and intensity and depth of the scent is enormous. So do not hesitate! Greetings Anabis (8/20/2019 Marie K.)
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