Afnan Supreme Amber

Afnan Supreme Amber Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml

Afnan Supreme Amber

Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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The majestic ambergris embracing velvet-spun warmth, the softness of the depths, and the gentle oriental embraces open its Supreme Amber perfume by Bait Al Bakhoor, belonging to the Afnan perfume house.

The sweet echoes of ambergris are accompanied by sweetness-filled dates with blackcurrants, which are in a fragrant harmony with oriental spices, caressing their spicyly warm key.

Spices slowly dissolve into flower nooks, dominated by roses supported by bewitching oud oil. Her darkness is bound by the queen of flowers, the oud is smoothly soft, power and heat are only lightly presented, showing a pleasant mystery.

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Customer Reviews (1)
Amber is not so much the essence as the tone, and perfumers' ideas about how the amber scent should smell vary widely. My expectation from a typical ambrosia is a warmer and heavier sweet scent with woods and spices. In Afnan, this amber was conceived mainly woody - in fact, I would rather call it Supreme Oud… spices, other woods and a dense, slightly caramel base are not missing, I also perceive some flowers, but oud simply predominates here. No need to fear him, he is as gentle as he can be. Supreme Amber is such a friendly piece for the timid, who are still just tapping the "Arabs" (13.10.2020 - Petra P.)
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